Getting Dressed: A ReDo You For Spring

I spend a lot of time writing and blogging about ReDoing rooms, reorganizing spaces, decluttering homes, and advising on tips and tricks for a better space for my readers and clients to live in and be a part of. But rarely do I write about an actual person, let alone an experience that made the project that much more fun and meaningful, and broadened my portfolio and skill set in the process. I had the most wonderful project the other day, an opportunity to flex a ReDo muscle that I don’t get to very often. It was for a client who wanted a new wardrobe, so, in essence, we did a ReDo on him, and the results were pretty impressive. Well, I thought they were, and based on my client’s reaction, so did he. Let me share with you what we did!

The idea behind this redo was simple: provide my client with a new look, a new wardrobe to help update and remarket him after a recent divorce. We hoped to also provide additional self esteem and personal presence to meet other people for social engagements and the like. As I said, he was recently divorced and was looking to get back into the dating scene – not easy for some, but having a third party help get you set up for success can take the trouble and concern out of beginning again. And I was glad I was there to help. An easy-going, professional man, my client had no trouble with new encounters, but he needed to update his look and create a newer version of himself after his recent life change. Not changing the man, just how he looks – adding a little extra style. And Spring is the perfect time for this as the clothes can generally be carried over into Summer and, with a bit of layering, Fall and Winter.

The first thing that need to be done was determine his clothing size and body type shape; this is important to get the right fit and the best look. Next, we researched the brands that would look best on him based on his clothing size and body type. We then discussed a budget to work within so that we could have a goal in mind of how much we could spend; this was followed by finding various coupons and online savings to maximize the budget funds. The last step was to map out the destinations so we could spend less time traveling and more time shopping; this is important when you’re running all over the place looking for bargains, finding great deals, and getting a client a whole new wardrobe. You don’t want to waste a single minute!

We started off at the local outlet mall where we were able to hit a variety of stores for great basic pieces, awesome looks and, of course, fantastic bargains. Combine these with a few coupons and we stretched the budget pretty well! As my client is a slender, athletic man, we began shopping at a store that would compliment his body type best: Banana Republic. With a pair of extra hands to help the process, we pulled together a variety of jeans and pants, shirts (tee’s, dress, casual), and accessories, like belts and casual shoes. We were looking for base, staple items, so we chose colors that would look best on his skin tone and styles that would enhance his appearance. With a handful of items we pulled tougher approximately 10-12 new outfits, just from one store, and saved my client a bundle!

We then stopped off at a discount shoe outlet for some dress shoes and boots by designer brand names; pairing these accessories with the new clothes really completed the look and added style and sophistication to the new wardrobe. Our next stop was lunch because, well, you gotta feed the beast if you’re going to be running all over kingdom come for a day! Once we refueled, it was off to another mall, where we hit Macy’s for a few affordable designer pieces, then H&M, Buckle, and Express for some more basics items, like khakis, tee’s and belts. These latter retailers aren’t high-end, expensive designers, but they offer good quality clothing at affordable prices. And they’re great places to build a base for a wardrobe. One can always hit Saks, Neiman Marcus, or any other high-end store that carries designer names at designer prices and supplement a look with a special piece. But for every day needs, and simple ready to wear pieces, the stores we visited were plenty good for our needs.

After we finished shopping, and taking pictures of the outfits we created, we discussed the next step for the client: downsize his existing wardrobe by donating the things he wasn’t wearing, which will make room for the new wardrobe he’s just purchased. As I’ve written about before, when new things are brought into your closet, something old has to go away, either through donation or resale. I call it ‘perpetual wardrobing’, and it’s a great way to keep your look fresh without filling your closet with needless items. My client opted to donate what he no longer wanted so that others could benefit from his downsized wardrobe – hey, as they say, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure – and someone could definitely get additional value from what he no longer needed. It’s great to know that such organizations like Goodwill can take virtually anything and resell it, pouring the money back into the community for a variety of job programs and neighborhood assistance. Check out this past blog for more information on them and their services.

As you can see, ‘being green’ when it comes to new clothes and a new look isn’t a hard thing – it just takes time and due diligence, and a little help from a third party to ensure you’re getting a look that’s right for you. We all see ourselves in a certain light, but others see us totally different, and it’s that perspective that will help us look our very best and put our best foot forward. When it’s time for you to get a new look, take a friend that has your best interests at heart so you can be sure they tell you the truth, like if you look good in those jeans, or if that color really isn’t you. And always take what you don’t want and resell it or donate it; let someone else get some more use out of the things you no longer need. Getting dressed is fun and easy when you know how and have have a little help with your ReDo!


  1. Valarie N. Springer says:

    Awesome post, where is the rss? I cant find it!

  2. James says:

    Hey Valerie, thanks for writing in; much appreciated! I’m not sure where the RSS feed went; I’ll ask my marketing and tech folks to see what they can to do fix this. Thank you for the heads up!

  3. Alyssa Charles says:

    Impressive publish! STICK WITH IT!

  4. James says:

    Hey Alyssa! Thanks so much; I really appreciate it! It was a great ReDo You project, and my client was truly awesome and a good sport – we had a fantastic time! If you’re looking for a personal ReDo for Spring – or any season – with your wardrobe, consider the points I made in the blog and see how you can apply them to your situation. Thanks for stopping by!

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